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Misty May Traenor | Training Video's |


2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing, Gold Medalist
2004 Summer Olympics,
Athens, Gold Medalist

Use the links below to have a look at each Training Video’s in the collection

United States Youth Volleyball League (USYVL) | Training Video's |

USYVL Training Video's

The USYVL is an instructional youth volleyball league for Boys & Girls Ages 7-14 that runs program throughout the United States.
In the Video's below you will be shown clear Demonstrations on each of the Skills, how to execute the skill and set them up.
As the usyvl is for 7-14 year olds, the videos are specific to these age groups and the videos are designed to help new and beginner Volleyball Coaches.
The Video's are an excellent Resource for Children playing SpikeBall.

USYVL - Introduction         | 1 |

USYVL - Spiking Video      | 2 |

USYVL - Serving Video      | 3 |

USYVL - Setting Video       | 4 |

USYVL - Passing Video     | 5 |

USYVL - Digging Video      | 6 |

USYVL - Blocking Video    | 7 |

USYVL - Rotations Video | 8 |

USYVL - Game Formats    | 9 |

USYVL - Game Rules         | 10 |

USYVL - Court Set-Up        | 11 |

USYVL & Misty May Closing & Credits | 12 |



18 New Videos for all the Volleyball Skills (9th Jan. 09)

All the following Video’s are taken from YouTube to save you the time of looking through the many Clips, which are often of poor quality.

What we have found below are the better and most appropriate ones to help you with your own skills or indeed to help you with your Volleyball Coaching.

Volleyball: Warm ups

Volleyball: Pepper Progressions


Play Better Volleyball: Hitting


Volleyball: Setting Drills and Fundamentals Part 1

Volleyball: Setting Drills and Fundamentals Part 2

Volleyball: Setting Drills and Fundamentals Part 3

Play Better Volleyball: Setting


The Right Way to Pass vs the Wrong Way

Play Better Volleyball: Passing and Serving

Triangle Knee Passing Drill

Volleyball Triangle Pass Drill


Volleyball: Blocking Fundamentals

Volleyball: Rapid Fire Blocking


Volleyball: Systems of Play – Attacking – Rotation 1

Volleyball: Quick Hitting

Volleyball: Advanced Slide Set Attack

Play Better Volleyball Defense

Volleyball Serve Receive Drill




Skills Video Clips


If you click on the Volleyball Skills link below, you will be linked to skills that you can read and watch in action.

The skills will give you an understanding for the basic of the game as well as some great tips on how to perform the skills to help you as a Coach to teach these skills and as a player to develop your own skills
This is an excellent resource for anyone involved in the Coaching or Playing of Volleyball


The Contents of the Link contains:


 Hitting | How to attack the Ball | Correct Footwork |

 Blocking | How to Block | Block Movements |

 Passing | How to pass the Ball | Forearm Pass | Overhead Pass |

 Serving | Float Serve | Jump Serve |

 Digging | How to receive a Ball that is Attacked | Defensive Play |

 Jumping | Various Jumping Exercises |

 Setting | How to "Set" the Ball for an Attack | Footwork & Hand Position |

 Misc | Jumping and Movement Exercises |


Click Here to View the Volleyball Skills Link

Thanks and credit to Tom Wilson at Volleyball Files.com
Link added 3rd September 2008


Technical Video Evaluation


Video Analysis Clips from the World Cup 2007 - Complex I & II

The documentation on the FIVB World Cup 2007 has the same design like the previous technical evaluations of the 2005 World Grand Prix and the 2006 World Championships; however, it presents only the four best teams. A wide offer of information as a preview of the Olympic volleyball competitions is presented in a compressed compilation of about over 200 video clips as well as personal data, performance data and reports/comments from the special World Cup portal.


 Reception Formation (PASS)

 | Jump Serve | Float Serve Backline/Distance | Jump Float |


 | Libero in Action

 Set Complex

 | Set Side Out

 Attack Comb./ Tempo's

 | P1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 |

 Attack Complex I Individual

 | Attacker 1 & 2 | Quick Attacker 1 & 2 | Diagonal Player |

The Links:

Womens Volleyball Video Analysis Link

Mens Volleyball Video Analysis Link

Technical Evaluation of the World Championship 2006



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